What do we do?

We build technology that drives businesses and also very useful for retailers around the globe. We also play table-tennis after 7; but, if you really want to know about our productivity before 7 - you've to listen to the retailers who use MartJack, and are benefiting from MartJack Exchange as well. We've been told that we enable them run their online retail businesses like never before! In a single line, we are innovating with technology that is offered on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model for retail sector. We are having a good time doing that!

Reasonites Playing Table Tennis

What's going on?

We are facilitating businesses develop their online channels and manage them easily. The Platform that makes it possible is "MartJack" – the Number One Digital Commerce Platform. We are also benefiting businesses, which have huge consumer base, in terms of monetizing their existing revenue channels further through "MartJack Exchange" – an exceptional solution that enables any business to build an e-commerce website leveraging merchandize, payment processing & logistics solutions offered as a ready-to-use service. It is a one-stop solution which connects Suppliers and Publishers with each other.

Moreover, we are working on creating Phone, Mobile and Social extensions of MartJack Exchange to provide consumer interactions & reach for MartJack powered businesses.

What's next?

Our only focus points are 'amplifying' and 'simplifying' - by leveraging our understanding with reference to an ever-growing retail sector and inter-connected digital commerce market within, we focus on 'amplifying the business prospects' of retailers and 'simplifying the management' of their businesses. We trained our minds to follow the same path in the near future.

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A sneak peak

Get to know the inside-out view from the perspective of a (un)reasonable member of the Reasoning family.

While we at Reasoning strongly believe that "You've to meet us to know us", if you still want a sneak-peak into what Reasoning is all about, then you may read this - "All about Reasoning - The perspective of a (un)reasonable member of the family"

Customers on board

Who are our customers?

Some of the most well-known Indian retailers as well as small shops are benefitting from our solutions. Videocon, Gitanjali Group, Next, Gerald Online, Salman Khan's Being Human, D'damas, Odyssey, and HCL are some of the retailers whose online business channels are powered by MartJack. For some more names, take a look at our client list on www.martjack.com

Our Products Donald Knuth

With MartJack, our multi-channel retail solution, we've hit the right chord in more than one way. We've created a single stop cloud-hosted-platform that enables retailers to manage their online businesses end-to-end. From product catalogs to online promotions, from managing stocks and orders to providing business insights - MartJack is a proven solution. Going by the general wisdom that if something excites my customer, then, I am doing something right - we believe we have done something right with MartJack.

MartJack Exchange

MartJack Exchange simplifies business supply chain by connecting Power Publishers & Sellers to a congregation of reputed and niche Suppliers and Manufacturers. It enables a one click creation of a robust Digital Commerce Channel with automatic communication between Consumers, Sellers, Retailers, Logistic Partners and Customer Service teams.