Reasoning Family
If little children are playing with chess pieces and a chess board,
but are making arbitrary moves in what they think is emulation of
adults they have seen playing chess, it is not just that they are
playing chess badly. It is that they are not playing chess at all,
regardless of what they think they are doing or what they call it.

Profound simplicity and what notů

Reasoning is the

One of the most amazing things that I did after joining the family was taking a print-out of Wikipedia's introductory line about Reasoning and pasting it near my desk.

I did not really understand what it meant but I still liked it. I was doing something that many others have done in the past. Doing things that they think is right without understanding the perspective of the target customers - like children playing chess.

But after understanding the values of the Reasoning family, I realized that knowing what you are doing, how to do it and how to do it well is what matters. Converting complex know-how and technology into simple business tools is what businesses need.

When I look around, I realize what amazes our customers and partners is 'Our Simplicity'. While we are solving NP-complex issues (what Hal Abelson, Computer Science Professor, MIT calls them as) to enable easy management of online businesses, our customers just click on something like "Manage Products" without having to worry about the complexity at all. To me, that is profound!


We, as a whole, have managed to understand the global retailer, and the local retailer very well - we know what they want and we are smart as we usually are - we give them what they want. And, not surprisingly they love us for that...

There are statistics too - 200+ years of aggregated retail experience across the team, 3000+ clients on the MartJack platform, 50+ partners - those are numbers; but, what I feel good about is the messages that say - "You did it - our business is good because of you!"

We love the cloud We love the cloud

It is so because we realize that scalability matters to businesses. Every business wants to grow without having to change processes, technology or core tools too much. That's why we build solutions that are naturally designed for living and running on the cloud. Coincidentally, that also helps us build a perfect SaaS offering to our customers.

The Managers

While the development team constantly pays attention to what they should further do to keep up the pace; the Team Reasoning on the whole manages bringing customers onboard and satisfies their requirements. We do our best to support the team!

Umesh Aundhekar, Product Head

He knows what the retailers want.

Sridhar Reddy, Project Lead

He executes. Am only talking of projects!

Kiran Vaidya, Head Finance

Hard nut to be broken!

Kedar Chaudhary, Director (Technology)

Architect's sensibility. Did it with Party Gaming.

Girish Kasliwal, VP - Planning & Operations

The 'yes' man! He makes it possible. Really!

Arshad Shaikh, Project Manager

I innovate. I build. I conquer.

Nitin Padmawar, CTO

Entrepreneur and more! Technology is his ball-game!

Abhay Deshpande, Director

The serial entrepreneur.

Anil Thapa, Creative Head

My 2nd favorite creator. 1st is God.

Jeetendra Joshi, VP - Marketing

Decade old veteran of eCommerce.

Nisheeth Sawarkar AVP - Sales Head