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Let's think of the three fastest growing segments that are changing the face of business in India. Yes - you probably got it in the first go - Retail, Mobile and Internet markets.

Now, let's look at what Reasoning does? We build multi-channel retail solutions that enable retailers to leverage Internet and Mobile platforms to enhance their business; we enable them to build a strong online identity, increase online as well as in-store sales etc.

Something makes us believe firmly that we have put ourselves in the right spot - helping retailers. That explains why we are growing at a phenomenal rate. That also explains why we need more people to join us as partners to help us expand our reach. There is an immense opportunity in joining us on our journey to enrich the retail business in India. With our rewarding franchise model, you will be sharing the highway with us. Our assurance is that if you keep yourself fuelled up - you will go places with us!

who can be a our partner?

That's a tough one. The retail business is a very challenging field. While we extend our complete support during setup, marketing, sales and operational phases to our partners, we also expect reciprocation. We expect 100% involvement from both - the partner and ourselves- to create a strong, recurring and repeatable success story. Therefore, we are a little specific in choosing our Partners. We are looking for people and groups that understand technology, retail business and have the required business acumen to run with us. While most of these skills are developed during our rigorous Partner training exercises, prior experience and understanding is always beneficial.

If you think, you have what it takes to run a Partner business in the retail sector - please contact us at

Once we sit across the table - we will understand each other better!