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Guide to Withdrawing From an Online Casino

1) How To Make Your Withdraw

Every casino has its own way of withdrawing money. You can choose from almost anything including wire transfers, Paypal, and multiple banking options. The first thing you do is request the type of withdrawal you want. You go to the cashier’s page and choose the option you want. Now, some casinos are going to request that you take the payout the same as the deposit. Choosing a check or banking wire transfer might have fees and longer wait times. You choose how much you want to withdraw. Most casinos will give you about 12-24 hours to make sure you choose the right one. That means you have that grace period to cancel it if you want. During that time, the casino will verify that you are who you say you are. Some casinos do have what they call “manual flushing”. That means that once you choose the amount there is no going back. You cannot do what is called “reverse withdrawal”. A reverse withdrawal is when you cancel the initial amount and choose a new option. Make sure you understand how your casino operates with that. Some people have been burned by the manual flushing. They got the amount even if they did not want it. Bitcoin is about the only one that pays out on time. There is a one-time code they use, so it is instant. Other payment options will use different delivery times. It is hard to pinpoint which ones give what times. That is why you should ask them about the payout delivery times. There might also be a small fee attached somewhere in there. Read over the fine print before agreeing to a payout.

2) The Policies Concerning Withdraws

Most casinos will offer a two-week window from the time you request the payout to the time you get the money. Say, for example, that the online casino is taking longer than two weeks. The casino is messing with you. It should not take any longer than two weeks. Send them an inquiry as to what is happening. You should find a new casino if they start to make excuses as to why the payment is late. Players who opt for longer wait times should make sure their payout methods are safe and secure. A bank transfer might have small fees and longer wait times, but it is safer than getting the check mailed.

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Some of the Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Offered

1) Paypal There have been a lot of complaints about Paypal in the past few years, but it is still a highly-regarded option for depositing and withdraws. The one thing you do have to be warned about concerns holding the payments. Paypal has been known to hold larger-than-usual sums of money for longer periods before they give it to you. They do this especially if they think the money was obtained illegally. All I am saying is to be careful. Request smaller sums of money for a payout if you use PayPal. That way you do not run into that problem. You also have to take note that online casino payouts using Paypal are only regulated in Jersey and Pennsylvania. You might have to look elsewhere if you live in another state.

2) Wire and Banking Transfers You will need to provide your banking information( account and routing numbers)if you use this option. Experts suggest that players do not use the option unless the trust the online casino 100%. Casinos are regulated(at least, they say they are), but some casino practices do fall through the cracks every so often. Bank and wire transfers are still regarded as one of the safest and securest methods.

3) Checks Yes, you can request a check. You can either get it via courier or by mail. This option has different payout limits, times, and fess. Be aware of that before you request the money. It takes up to a week to arrive in the mail. Now, that does not include approval time limits and date and time when you requested the money. You could have requested the money on the 7th and not get it to the end of the month. Check with the casino before you do it. You should also request the money come through certified mail if possible. You will have to sign, but it reduces the chances of the check falling into the wrong hands.

4) MoneyGram I know! That is a new one for me too. This is a great option if you do not like crypto or do not want it through the bank. The one downside is that you do have to pick it up at your local MoneyGram office. They will notify you when it arrives. You go and pick it up. You will have fees depending on how much you withdraw. There is a limit to how much you can take. It takes 5 business days to come. The office gives you ten days to come get it.

5) Bitcoin This is a relatively new method of depositing and withdrawing from online casinos. It is also not a particularly common method as there are a number of difficulties regarding exchange rates and anti-money laundering processes. There are very few safe bitcoin casinos in New Zealand but the list is growing as the currency becomes more mainstream.

Other Methods There are other ways to request a payout included Neteller(an online payment method), PaySafeCard(relegated to the UK residents), and Entropay(a prepaid debit card).