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Popular Online Casinos with Fast Withdrawals

It can be difficult to find online casinos that are known for paying out fast in New Zealand. However, if you really dig dip then you will have no problem find that most of them are pretty fast.

With payouts being an important part of the gambling experience, they also need to be dependable throughout the entire withdrawal process. Knowing this, we’ve listed some of the popular online casinos in New Zealand that have fast withdrawals.

The Jackpot City Online Casino

On top of the generous bonus the Jackpot City online casino offers, they also provide same-day payouts to all players. This allows them to be one of the most popular online casinos to offer fast payout in New Zealand. The Jackpot City casino currently has 300+ games available from the major game suppliers and developers such as Microgaming.

The Spin Palace Online Casino

The Spin Palace online casino issues requested payouts within 24 hours for all New Zealanders who love to receive their winnings without having to wait. The Spin Palace has been able to supply fast payouts since 2001 and provides players with 650+ online games. Besides offering fast payouts they also make instant deposits so players can quickly begin to win.

The Royal Vegas Online Casino

The withdrawal time for the Royal Vegas online casino can be at least 24 Hours for all New Zealanders. This may not seem like a fast time period but it depends on the withdrawal method used that will determine the time period after 24 hours has lapsed.

The Casimba Online Casino

Payouts at the Casimba online casino are instant and considered as one of the fastest to get funds to their players shortly after being requested. The casino boasts 600+ games along with the many features included. Not only that, but along with the high amount of games, they also provide New Zealanders with an ample amount of jackpots.

The Dreamz Online Casino

Being able to make fast withdrawals within a day has always been possible at Dreamz online casino. They are even offering unlimited withdrawals now. The Dreamz online casino games are fair and present an easy to use layout and straightforward design.

The SkyCity Online Casino

Payouts through the Sky City online casino makes it possible to obtain player winnings in less than two hours. This is great to hear since it is also a new casino that made its presence known during 2020. As far as design is concerned, it is considered to be advanced since NetEnt provides the necessary software. Because of the casino focusing on players from New Zealand, players can take advantage of this speedy payout whenever they need the cash. To read about SkyCity deposit options we published a previous article. 

The Dunder Online Casino

With 800+ casino games, players from New Zealand will enjoy everything that Dunder has to offer to their online players. Players will enjoy knowing that withdrawal times are shorter than most other online casinos that iGaming provides. Not only that, but did we mention that New Zealanders enjoy lightning speed payouts?

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Fast Payout Attributes

It’s nice to see that many New Zealand casinos online are offering faster withdrawals and payouts. You don’t have to worry about being restricted and having to wait for your money. This is great to hear when the majority of regular casinos cannot do the same. So what attributes do these online casinos include that make them the best?

1. Clear Details

Online casinos in New Zealand have sections that are detailed concerning their withdrawal guidelines. When an online casino provides a rapid payout they help save their players valuable time without having to wait for their money. Plus, if any player has a question, then they can refer to the FAQ section.

2. Gambling terms are trustworthy and fair

You will never have a bad experience with payouts when you make a request. This is a good thing about online casinos that offer quick payouts. Along with clear rules, they can set acceptable conditions for their wagerings.

3. Reviews are made from actual players and their own personal experiences while gambling. Having reviews and opinions collected in an unbiased way shows that the casino takes into the heart of what players think about them. This way they can take what is said and build upon it so that they can make any improvements to the customer experience.

Payout Methods Available Through Online Casinos

With payouts, there are several methods available for players from New Zealand. So after you request a withdrawal your funds will be transferred to your preferred choice from your gaming account. You need to keep in mind that there are both advantages and disadvantages to each of the payout methods. It is for this reason that players need to be certain about the method that they use so that they can obtain the best payout experience possible.

Digital e-Wallets

If you are looking for fast turnarounds for your payouts, then you will love the convenience of a digital e-wallet. With these, you get a method that has changed how online spending allows players to conduct transactions easily and efficiently. Although many digital e-Wallets exist for New Zealand players to use, there are three that get used the most. These are:

• PayPal

PayPal continues to be the leading e-Wallet among them all as well as the “go-to” choice for New Zealand players. You need to be aware that along with the high amount of popularity it still has certain limits. Along with instant deposits, all withdrawals are also immediate. Plus, players normally do not have to pay a fee to make a transfer. PayPal may deduct a fee upon receiving funds, but that is based on the sender’s preferences.

• Skrill

As a Paysafe member, Skrill has quickly become a preferred option among players. A big benefit for New Zealand players is that they are not charged fees for using the Skrill service to make transfers. Skrill also provides a high amount of customer safety and privacy. With quick withdrawals, all transfers can be available within a few hours depending on your bank.

• Neteller

Another Paysafe member is Neteller. With this e-Wallet, you also get rapid withdrawals and zero charges that make it highly desirable in New Zealand. Also, you will not have to worry about your funds being traced to gambling due to their third party association. This goes in line with their ability to provide customer privacy and overall account security.


It is always great to know when a cryptocurrency is accepted as a transaction option. Besides being able to shield the identity of an owner, it is also able to conduct all transfers for free. Withdrawals for Bitcoin are also less than a few minutes. It is for this fast transaction process that makes it a great option among New Zealand players.

Major Credit Cards

Understandably, you may feel uncomfortable using a credit card as an option to receive payouts. But like all other options, there will be some level of risk involved. However, when a major credit card is utilized, the same level of security is used as seen among the other options. Knowing this can put your mind at ease that you will receive the payout that you requested.