Best offer spins Skycity 820x410 - Skycity Online Offers 33 Spins To Returning Players

Skycity Online Offers 33 Spins To Returning Players

Welcome, online casino players! To celebrate your return to your favourite online casino, SkyCity is offering 33 free spins on selected online slot games. Spin to win and enjoy some of the best casino action around – it’s their way of saying thanks for playing with us. 

Free Spins at SkyCity

Free Spins are a typical welcome offer that online casinos give out regularly. This means that you get a certain number of free spins after your first deposit at a casino. The number of free spins given out varies from casino to casino and they usually come in rounds. This is probably the best free spin offer you can get so don’t waste this opportunity. 

SkyCity Online is offering 33 free spins on selected online slots games to returning players. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves playing online slots and wants to get a little bit of extra free play. Signing up is the only necessary step before you can begin playing. The 33 free spins will be available on three different days, so you can choose when you want to play them. All you need to do is log in each day and check the “Promotions” page to see which slot game is featured that day. 

The free spins have a wagering requirement of just 20x the sum of the free spins, meaning players can win big on any of the games on offer. The promotions page can be accessed by clicking the promotions icon on the menu bar at the top of the screen. There you will see the free spins listed for each day, and you can also take part in live chat and enter competitions. You can even find out about the latest special offers and promotions by exploring the site. 

SkyCity Online Casino is one of the oldest online casinos out there, and for a good reason. 

How to claim your free spins 

Players can claim their free spins by logging in to their account and clicking on the ‘Claim Now button. The free spins can be used on any of the 33 available slots, giving players a chance to try out some new games or win big prizes. 

The free spins are not available to players residing in the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia Moldova Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. 

The free spins are available to all other players from around the world. 

Free spins are only valid for 24 hours after they are claimed 

Looking for a little something extra the next time you play at SkyCity Online? Returning players can now take advantage of 33 free spins, but hurry – these spins are only valid for 24 hours after they are claimed. So be sure to log in and use them up before they disappear! 

Players will notice the free spins available to them in the Rewards section of their account, where they can be used to claim a free spin on any game, every 24 hours. 

The free spins are entirely optional, but who doesn’t like free stuff?! Slot players can choose to take advantage of the spins every time they log in, while table and video poker players will receive the spins on their next deal. 

If you’re new to SkyCity Online, then don’t worry as there are some great offers available for you too. First-time players can take advantage of up to £400 worth of free spins and bonuses when they deposit just £10. Whether you’re looking to hit it big on the slots or just want to enjoy some free casino action, these 33 free spins will give you plenty of chances to do just that. Ready to get started? Login now and start spinning! 

Spin offer Skycity - Skycity Online Offers 33 Spins To Returning Players

Players can win real money with their free spins 

If you’re a returning player at SkyCity Online, you can now take advantage of 33 free spins to win real money. That’s right – with your free spins, you have the chance to walk away with some extra cash in your pocket. So, make sure to give it a spin and see if lady luck is on your side. You can withdraw your winnings after you have made a deposit 

If you enjoy playing for free and are good enough, you can make some money with the 33 free spins that are waiting for you at the SkyCity Online casino. Once you have made a deposit, the winnings that you get with your free spins can be withdrawn. But make sure to play responsibly! Good luck! 

Lockdown sky city 820x410 - SkyCity Casino Reacts to Lockdown in New Zealand

SkyCity Casino Reacts to Lockdown in New Zealand

After the announcement of a nationwide lockdown in New Zealand, SkyCity Casino was quick to react. The casino group released a statement saying that they would be taking “all necessary measures” to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. SkyCity also announced that they would be closing all of their properties in Auckland and Christchurch. 

The New Zealand Herald reported that SkyCity was the first business to take a hard-line stance against the threat of anyone who might be carrying weapons in their casino. SkyCity said that anyone found with a weapon in their casino would be ejected and security would confiscate the weapon. SkyCity also said that they would be implementing extra security measures for their customers and employees. 

The threat of a terrorist attack in New Zealand has never been more real. After the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, dozens of people were killed and dozens more were injured. The country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said that Friday’s attack was carried out by “one individual … a violent extremist, right-wing extremist. “New Zealand is now under a nationwide lockdown, which means that no one is allowed to leave their homes. 

On March 23, 2020, New Zealand announced a nationwide lockdown in response to the global pandemic of COVID-19. 

When the announcement was made, SkyCity Casino in Auckland immediately implemented its pandemic response plan. The plan had been developed and updated regularly since the SARS outbreak in 2003, so the casino was well-prepared for a lockdown. All non-essential staff were sent home, and game areas were closed off. Only essential services like food outlets remained open. The casino also put measures in place to ensure that social distancing could be maintained, such as limiting the number of people on each floor and increasing cleaning schedules. 

The casino also implemented its pandemic response plan for the staff. The employees were tested for COVID-19 at the beginning of their shifts, and again at the end. Additionally, they were required to take their temperature twice daily, wear surgical masks and gowns, and sanitize everything they touched with anti-viral solvents. 

The lockdown was only in effect for a week. On March 30, New Zealand rescinded the lockdown and announced that the country was under control. It was specifically stated that Casino SkyCity had been a great help in containing the outbreak of COVID-19. 

In response to this, the public relations department of Casino SkyCity released a statement giving their thanks to the New Zealand government for its support of the casino during the crisis. 

In reaction to this announcement, SkyCity Casino released a statement saying that they would be taking “all necessary measures” to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. 

As New Zealand’s largest casino, SkyCity Casino was one of the first businesses to be affected by the government’s announcement of a nationwide lockdown. In reaction to this announcement, SkyCity released a statement saying that they would be taking “all necessary measures” to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Since shutting down operations, SkyCity has been working hard to support its employees through this difficult time. The company has set up an employee assistance fund and is providing counselling services for those who need it. 

In a statement to the New Zealand Herald, SkyCity spokesperson Maria Gellie said: “We are aware of the police request and like the rest of the country are united in our desire for everyone to come home safely. We understand this situation is upsetting for those directly involved and New Zealanders as a whole. We have been in contact with the police during the day and will continue to cooperate fully with them.” 

Sky City Casino has been a popular destination for backpackers in New Zealand. Many backpackers visit the casino regularly. This news has left many backpackers feeling uneasy about their personal safety and that of their friends. 

However, this is not just affecting backpackers who are living in New Zealand. Many backpackers who are currently on holiday in the country are looking for ways to get home as quickly as possible. 

Skycity nz lockdown - SkyCity Casino Reacts to Lockdown in New Zealand

As part of these measures, SkyCity announced that they would be closing all of their properties in Auckland and Christchurch. 

As part of the nationwide lockdown in New Zealand, SkyCity Casino has closed all of its properties in Auckland and Christchurch. This is a huge blow to the economy, as the casino is one of the largest employers in both cities. However, SkyCity has stated that they are working closely with the government to ensure that their employees will be taken care of during this difficult time. 

In addition to this, the casino has agreed to shut down its online gaming division. This will be devastating for many New Zealanders, as it is one of the only legal ways that they can gamble online. In particular, it is a massive hit for the local iGaming community, which is estimated to be worth around $2 billion a year. 

However, despite closing the online division, SkyCity has stated that it will not exit the market altogether. Instead, they are looking for an “alternative secure platform” where New Zealanders can continue to play. 

As part of the nationwide security measures, New Zealanders have been asked not to leave their homes. This is a huge blow for New Zealand’s tourism industry, as many people have already booked trips to the country. Guardian Australia reports that the prime minister has suggested that this policy could be in place for some time.